Can I pull a 5v feed from a TDA7492P board??

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David Dell

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I did a small blue tooth speaker project using a TDA7492P board - worked out great.
Board same as here:
So good I now have four friends who want one lol
One of those would like to be able to play mp3s from a micro sd card on it.

So I have found a couple of boards for the mp3 playing I think I could use.
See below

Problem is I don't know how to get the low voltage out of the TDA7492P or from the 24v 3 amp feed I will be driving that with.

Is there a place on the TDA7492P board I can take a 5v or more feed from and direct it to drive the mp3 player board?

Or how can I get a feed from the 24v volts line going in and bring it down to 5 to 12v to connect to the mp3 player board?

This is the first time I have ever done anything with electronics or boards.
So please - excuse any incorrect terminology or ignorance on my part.
Thank You


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If you want 5 volts then use an LM7805 regulator. If you want 12 volts use an LM7812 regulator. You first need to confirm that the +24 volt rail does not go above about 32 volts when it is not loaded. The maximum input voltage rating of these regulators is 35 volts. This solution is only suitable if the load is less than 1 amp. You will find information on the recommended input and output capacitors that are required for stable opperation on the data sheet.