Can I post an article on the site?

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This might seem a strange request, but ever since I learned to solder I've been wondering how to remove the residual rosin flux from my PCBs, and too frequently, myself.
I did a study a few days ago with every method suggested by people online and a few extras trying to find what sort of cleaner would removed the rosin flux. I thought, "I'll post it in the forums," but then I considered that not being a question, and actually being a very worthwhile subject to others, it would be better suited to an article all it's own.
I don't have a blog. I could get one, although I wouldn't post often; but I thought I'd volunteer to post for this site first.


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I'd be interested. Commercial flux removers work well, but they're expensive. I've resorted to doing multiple washes with isopropyl alcohol, starting with 70% and finishing with 98%.