Can anyone explain how this circuit works?

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- Where is the XOR signal come from? I only see the XOR is the input of the strange "inverter" and M4.

- What is that inverter topology????

- The pMOS M3 is connected to VDD, does that mean when A = 0 the output XNOR is 1?

I use Cadence Virtuoso to simulate the transient analysis and got the wrong waveform, the XNOR is 1 when A = 0 as I predicted.

I've struglling to understand this circuit for days, please someone explain to me. Thank you all



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Okay, I see what you are saying. I've often seen phases like "over-simplified", in a context like this, to mean that while there isn't enough information to fully understand or analyze the circuit, there is sufficient information to just answer the specific question asked.