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Hey Everyone,

Brand new to the forum. I've been doing some embedded work, and recently decided to start a new project. One of the things I would like to do is be able to get input from two different cameras. One of them would be a "typical" camera that would then be streamed over a wifi connection. The other camera would be used internally for data (like optical flow, or something - undecided).

I'm challenged with finding a solution. I've looked for some image processing units - but generally have struck out. I've looked at some MCPUs (like the stm32H7 series) but can't get more than one video stream, or doesn't support a wireless interface.

Wanting to stream one over wireless is a bit more challenging as well because some of the wireless modules I've seen for embedded systems are tied in with a uart which has very limited speed.

If anyone had any recommendations that would be awesome.


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Welcome to AAC.

Unfortunately, your specification is vague. If you could describe an actual application instead of a theoretical capability it might attract some interest in helping. As it stands, anyone wanting help help will either have to shotgun a bunch of stuff at you, hoping something hits or solicit a lot more information and that can be tedious.

Nothing wrong with your question, per se, but to a really knowledgeable consultant you are radiating ”bad client” rays. My suggestion is that you come up with an application that would use the kit you want to assemble and talk about that. It sounds interesting.