Camera and Video Display live view with IR Emitter and battery powered - Small and Compact.

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Hello, I am a complete newbie. My background is in Mechanical engineering, but when it comes to electronic circuits, I am lost.

I am looking for the simplest way to put a small camera and small display (1") together with 940nm IR emitters and a lithium battery/charging port. Ideally the unit would load up quickly(<2 seconds).

The application use would be to have a small hand held unit that can be used to see a baby sleeping in the dark. So imagine a baby video monitor without the wireless part with a tiny screen(not too bright) that can be portable to walk in and check a baby without the need for lights.

I have played around with Arduino and Raspberry Pi to make this work, but I want something now that is fast and self contained and small.

If this is asking too much, I am wanting to work with an expert to help build this, but I thought I would reach out first to get thoughts and ideas.




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ALL of the parents of such infants and baby types solve the problem by not having total darkness. The babies sleep well and the adults see them adequately. Cheaper easier, and anybody can do it.