calculate flyback converter transformer current help

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    Feb 6, 2016
    Hi Guys,
    I have questions how to figure out flyback transformer current. Please see the circuit.
    we know flyback converter output voltage is 24V and load current 150mA. I try to find the primary and the other two secondaries output. The transformer data sheet is in an attachments. There are three windings and one primary wind.
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    The winding 1 and winding 4 ration is 118/30, and winding 1 and winding 3 ration is 118/14, so does w1 and w5 ratio. The below is my calculation process.
    Based on the flyback transformer circuit, we know that the current limit is I₄ = 0.7V/R63 (1.5Ω) = 0.467A

    I₁ = (N₄/N₁)* I₄ = (30/118)*0.467A = 0.119A

    I₃ = (N₁/N₃)* I₁ = (118/14)*0.119 = 1.003A

    I₅ = I₃

    Magnetizing current in max: Im = I₄ + (N₃/ N₄)* I₃ + (N₅/ N₄)* I₅ = 2.125A.

    D is duty cycle, Ts is switch period. D = 0.15, Ts = 1/100K (those data were measured by me)

    Δi = VᵢDTs/2*Lm = 370*[​IMG]2*0.15/2* (1.25x10^-3)* 100000 = 0.314A

    The peak current is a little high, isn’t it?
    Im. Max = Im + Δi = 2.125A + 0.314 A = 2.439A This is magnetizing current in total.
    Please let me know if these calculation is right.
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    Feb 6, 2016
    Sorry forget to attach transformer data sheet