C# Windows forms help needed

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Can any experienced .Net framework Developer tell me how you learned to use the .Net framework with C#.

Is it a case of knowing what you want to do i.e. setup serial comms between a microcontroller and a PC GUI then reading through the .Net Framework reference guide on the web?.

Ian Rogers

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I tried to do this some time back!! I could not get my head around "safe threads" Every time I wanted to parse a serial event, " computer said no!!!" I ended up with Lazarus.... Far better for my purposes... There was help from the guy's at my other forum, but .net really got on my left testicle....

I only mention this as I was looking for a good RAD tool ( similar to VB6 )

Sorry if it doesn't help!!


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C# allows the advanced uses of C++ without having to become an expert in C++ which I find is a very long learning curve.
C# is visual basic using C type syntax so if you are experienced in C it is easy except you should not try to use pointers.
The best way to learn c# is to load sample programs and single step through them to see how they work. There are lots of samples and tutorials around. Your learning curve will depend on your previous experience.



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Reading/writing to serial in C# should be relatively strait forward. If you know what you want to do then just start googling. Maybe start with a google for C# open COM port, or C# serial port example.