By-pass arrangement for broken micro USB charging port. Problems?

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I've received a Daewoo bluetooth speaker with a broken micro USB charging port.
The 5V input charges a single 18650 battery that then powers a small PCB (10 cms x 5cms) that receives the bluetooth signal and directs it to two speakers.
As there is some charge remaining in the battery, the unit still works fine.
However, as the micro USB input port is now broken, there is no means to further charge the battery.
I removed the broken micro USB port but was unable to successfully install a replacement port due to that area of the board being quite congested (coupled with some lack of micro-soldering skills on my part).
As an alternative solution, I have considered hooking up a TP4056 charging board to the battery while leaving the existing (red/black) connections
to the original board in place.
The intention then is to charge the battery through the micro USB port on the TR4056 and assume that the charged battery will still be able to power the original PCB on the unit.
Does anybody see problems with this arrangement?