Buzzing in the capacitive microphone

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Hello. I´m using capacitive microphones in a classroom. The question is I have a constant noise, like wind or buzzing. I think it could be because the wires of the microphones are next to the wires of the AC power of the lights. How far they shold be? I think as far a possible, but for example 1 feet it could be enough?

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The cable between the mic and its preamp should be a shielded audio cable. The shield blocks interference.
The mic, its cable and its preamp should not be near AC power.


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Is the noise like rushing wind? or like a loud low pitched HUM?? two different things with different causes, except both would be cable problems. A photo of a connector, unplugged from the microphone, will tell some of us a lot. OR is it a wireless microphone?
ALSO, there is a lot more to the system than just the microphone.
Is the rest of the system built in to the class room? Or is it a portable system?? Is this an auditorium classroom, seating a few hundred? Or smaller? Is this a college or a high school?? Amazingly, that often matters.
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Big mistery, the noise has disapeared!

So you know, if it works, DON´T TOUCH IT!!!

Tanks for your help and advice