Building a guitar loop pedal using radioshack recording module

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Hi everyone. I'm new to AAC and to electronics. I want to build a loop pedal that records music played into it from a guitar, then, after hitting a switch, plays it back in a continuous loop through an amplifier as someone plays over the loop through the same amplifier. I found an instructables but it used an old through hole version of the radioshack PCB that also didn't have a separate mic (as mine does). I believe I can still use that instructable with a few modifications to the instructions (one reason for this post). Otherwise, I saw a different thread that explains how to loop the module, but I'm but sure if it would be continuous (there might be pauses between loops), but either way, it doesn't explain specifically how to make it into a guitar pedal. I've considered combining the two sources, but I'm not sure how. I will post the instructables link and the thread name soon. I appreciate any help I can get.


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Easiest way is to use two Reel-to-Reel tape players with an adjustable distance between recording head of the first and the reading head of the second.
Kudos to Les Paul for the innovations, he was a genius.

Have you heard the way Brian Eno and Robert Fripp used the simple tape-delay echo loop technique? They did some pretty amazing things with it.

I had a midi junction box with a delay function in it and I made a long-delay MIDI loop. I set the feedback to decay the note-on level so they'd fade out like a tape loop to get the Frippertronics effect. It was a lot of fun to play with.