Build a Real-Time Clock with Picaxe 08M2 project missing download

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Hi I am new to the Forum, so hopefully I am posting this in the correct place.
I am an old engineer but am enjoying Picaxe Basic and project for the Grand kids, I have a project in mind and the project is very similar to :-

I would like to base my project on something which already works, but cannot see how to download the main program. The clock set program downloads and works fine, is there a trick here or am I missing something.

Many thanks for help, before I start the copy typing

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but cannot see how to download the main program.
Once you download the clock program with the module connected it will run and program it with the dates and time.
Next you simply download the second program which will over-write the previous clock program which is no longer needed.


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I think there are errors in the web page in the link in post #1. The link for the .zip file does not not take you to a .zip file. It just takes you to a login page. I was going to suggest doing a copy and paste of he source code to read and display the time but it is not text. It is just a .png file that contains a picture of the text so it cannot be copied and pasted into a text editor. The only way I can see to enter the second part of the program seems to manually type it in. I can't even see how you even managed to download the first part of the program.