Buck converter module as basic PSU?


Joined Apr 20, 2019
Hi everyone,

I just wanted to ask whether or not one of these Adjustable Step-Down Power Supply Buck Module's good enough for a basic bench psu? And if not why is that the case?
An answer would depend on what specifications your "basic bench psu" must have. After you create a list of specs, compare it to what you could achieve with the LM2596S. If you have trouble creating the list or comparing your list to the LM2596S, then post a question(s) on AAC.


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They can be quite useful. But another feature that is missing is to have adjustable current limit. That can be added, or buy one with that feature built in.
A bench power supply does need to be pretty bullet proof as you will short it out at some time. It needs to survive that easily. And it is good to be able to limit the current to a max value to protect what you are working on.
That said, those modules are n]better than nothing.