Buck Converter Compensation Components Selection

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Dear Team,

This is a general question. For my self-study, of loop compensation of buck converters. I used LM21305(just an example).

My question is,

suppose this IC or any switcher is connected to a load, and in the load let us say X i/ps are switching and each i/p consumes Y amount of current.

in such a situation how to design the compensation network for the switching converter such that the converter won't become unstable.

I searched in google for materials to understand. I did not find anything which explains the situation mentioned above.

If you don't mind could you please answer this question?




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Hi Hari,
Loop compensation in general is treated in:
  1. Basso, Switch Mode Power Supplies, 2008
  2. Basso, Switch Mode Power Supplies, 2014
The 2nd edition has a bit more on using Spice to determine the requirements, and test potential solutions. It has a great deal to do with the order of the system. Some of Basso's papers can be found as application notes at the ON Semiconductor website.