BSS84 THT replacement?

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This is not a real post for repair a circuit. But I simulate with multisim a circuit with BSS84 and it work fine.
I now would like the make the PCB but with an equivalent BSS84 in version THT.
There is an equivalent tht of this mosfet?



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It look like your best bet is to either make your board with SMD footprints or use SOT to DIP adapters.

If neither of those options are acceptable, go back to your simulation and choose a THT part instead of an SMT part from the start.
The TO-92 (TO-226AA) package is obsolete, so it's much harder to find parts. Look at BSS110 or LP0701.
A SOT-23 adapter is best but about 1/2 the power dissipation.


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None of the available TO92 devices come close to the BSS84 performance so unless your usage is very uncritical you'd be better of using it on an adapter.

Can you share your schematic?