boost converter in terms of transfer function

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I have modeled boost converter as circuit modelling in matlab/simulink for varying input and varying duty cycle to achieve constant output voltage(60v) for Pv system. now i should replace the circuit of boost converter interms of Transfer function with Input voltage, duty cycle as input and constant output voltage. How should i start my work to design transfer function.Please guide me...


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How will this transfer function be used? Will it be part of the feedback loop simulation?
For that, typically a PWM modulator is modeled as a linear block with the voltage at the input being the control voltage from the loop amplifier and the output been the average (filtered) PWM voltage output.
The gain of this block is the average PWM output voltage divided by the control input.
For example, if 3V input gave 100% PWM duty cycle which gave 10V average output, and 1V input gave 0% duty cycle giving 0V output, then the block would have a gain of 10V / (3V-1V) = 5V/V.