Boost Converter for Function Generator Power Rails

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Hi All
I'm designing a battery-powered Function Generator that can have out outputs of +- 12V (or close to) and I'm wondering if using a Boost Converter is the right way of achieving the higher then battery voltage I need. I'm planning on using an ICL7660 to convert my +rail to negative and my concern is with the ICL7660 having an operating frequency of 10kHz and the switchmode noise coming from the boost converter (I haven't selected a part yet but I imagine its frequency being somewhere in the order of a few hundred kHz) that its going to be tricky or require a but load of filtering to prevent all that noise getting into my output signal (which can vary from a few Khz to 12Mhz).

I've attached my amplifier circuit below, and and as you can see I'm using an AD9833 to produce the signal then some opamps to scale it up, I also plan on using the ADC on my micro (ESP32) to sample a scaled-down version of the waveform so I can provide a voltage readout of the signal.

Really I'm just looking for a
-yeah that should be possible if you filter it right and are smart with your traces
or a
-Your asking for a bad time doing it that way