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Hello everyone!

Let me start by saying that I am completely new here, so excuse me for my rookieness, but hopefully some kind souls here will be willing to help me!

I have a BLE Beacon project that I want to start, and potentially produce down the road, which has led me to beginning my study/learning process in this field for the first time in my entire life lol. I've always enjoyed electronics but have never studied how they work but will hopefully be able to learn from you all in the coming months and years!

Anyways, to get to the point...

What I'm looking to build/create is a really simple BLE beacon device with solid signal strength and reliable connectivity. The kicker is that I'm looking to make this in the smallest form factor possible.

Ideally I'm looking to create a footprint roughly the same as the "Tile Sticker" product, or potentially even smaller, but certainly no larger than a CR2032 battery. I'm also looking for it to be powered by a coin cell battery like a CR2032.

I know I may not be able to create a perfect product, and probably won't be close the first time, but I want to at least know I'm heading in the right direction, and if I can get pretty close to the final product on the first try then fantastic! I know nothing, but It doesn't seem that it could get much more simple than a BLE beacon. Maybe I'm delusional


Am I being crazy? Is building such a beacon reasonable? Why or why not?

What would I need to do to build this on such a small footprint? What am I looking at as far as materials? PCB? Components? Programming?

I know that is a lot to read so thank you all for your time and potential help and answers on this topic!

- Connor

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Apple AirTag? You want us to design/advise on something that competes with Apple? Are you offering a partnership?
If you can help me to create what I'm looking for then yes possibly ;)

To be clear, I'm not looking to create a bluetooth tracker to sell independently, I would never want to compete with Apple in anything. What I'm wanting to create is in another industry all together, but a bluetooth beacon is part of the product.

Hence my research beginning and looking for the honest and (hopefully) helpful answers from a few souls on here.


- Connor


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You have not provided enough information on the functionality of your proposed device however if you want to make a BLE Beacon, then I would start by looking at various BLE chip manufacturers, select one and take it from there. My favourite is Nordic Semiconductor.
As for the size, essentially your battery and endurance would dictate the size. Also remember, BLE devices are short-range devices, there are of course longer-range devices but they are much more power-hungry and therefore it would impact size, endurance and power source.


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Welcome to AAC.

You might just want to buy something already made, or collaborate with a company that has the knowledge to do it quickly and well. Here is an example, not to be confused with an endorsement.

Alternatively, look at the nRF52840. Ultra low power, purpose built, and very widely used. It's not a project for the faint of heart, though.


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A super bright LED on a CR2032 coin battery will be pretty bright - even in daylight. And will burn continuously for weeks. Slip a piece of paper in between the battery and the lead of the LED and you stop the flow of current. It's light weight and if placed in the center of the disk should have very little affect on aerodynamic performance. Better still - stay in bounds.

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