Biomedical equipment work


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I want to work with Biomedical equipment, have a online course for this career?
One course isn't going to get you there. Depending on your goal, you might need a degree in biomedical engineering or a certification to be a technician skilled in ultrasound or whatever. I have a little familiarity with both of these approaches but haven't seen a way to do it all online. You need to be more specific on what you hope to find.


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Moreover, there is compliance with the FDA. That is not a training requirement per se, but it can be unimaginably narrow minded.


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One question is what is your background? There is nothing available online as it is a hands on program to get through.

However, if you have prior experience in related fields (electrical engineering, automation, etc), you have a remote chance of being hired by one of the companies that either make or repair (US has a lot of 3rd party companies) equipment. You will need to be a graduate of a BMET program working towards a certification to work in a US hospital.

I am commenting here as a biomed working in Canada. Your question is very broad. As mentioned already healthcare industry is governed by FDA regulations. These are apllied the tightest to hospitals direct and are followed the most by VA hospitals. It is fascinating to learn about differences in healthcare systems when I come to the states for training.
First of all you need to learn yhe basic principle of what you need biomedical is large enough to be undestood, if you need the basic princple of biochemistry or hematology or ise of what ever you need first to go on that way.