Big spiders conquering Europe - citizens beware, large webs

Fake or real, spiders are our friends! As a matter of fact there is a web in my home a certain spider created that would make Frank Lloyd Wright envious in relation to the design of the dwelling! I keep it there after all of this time and marvel at the craft, despite the fact that I miss the spider who created it. It's been over a year and a half since I walked into the bathroom and said, "Hey spidey, how ya doing today?". Of course spidey never answered back but made his way toward where I used to say that everyday before leaving this earth behind the cold water faucet knob one day while I was at work. Bummed me out bigtime! And to think, I vote contrary to what may be assumed after I stated what I just did.


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I like spiders. They aren't too bright, but compared to their average prey they are genius. I think they even have something of a personality.

If I see one crawling on me he is likely going to die though.


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Look at a freshly plowed field....early in the morn....before the due evaporates.

If you look will see millions of spider tracks.

I've seen fields that look like they have a sheet of snow.