Better Descriptive Titles

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More of a gripe than suggestion!
In light of the absence of a forum specifically aimed at RC questions, I constantly find myself getting caught by poster's using such as "Help needed with Servo control"
As someone more used to working with Industrial servo applications it takes a few post pages in to realize the poster is talking RC application.
I wish they would state the type in the Thread Title!;)


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Bad Thread titles are a constant here. Worse than wasting our time, it makes searching less effective. You won't find the, "Chuk house controller" if you search for "chicken coop door". Then there are the hundreds of, "Help Urgent!" titles.:D But, who is going to go through thousands of Threads and convert the titles to something more relevant to the subject matter?:(


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We added some warnings in the past few months that I think have helped thread titles a little.


We also have a pretty clear title placeholder:

This helps to an extent, but there's always going to be people that do not follow any sort of instructions.