Best way to send 0-160 mV through 200 m cable?

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    Jun 17, 2015
    Hi guys!

    I am working on a project where 3 - 4 sensors, each with a 0-160 mV range needs to be connected to a monitoring device 200 m away.
    The sensors sit in a compartment where space is very limited. I know that such a low signal cannot be sent this distance and that it will need to be converted to either a 4-20 mA loop, RS232 or perhaps RS485. I have a limited understanding of electronics and circuit diagrams and hope you might chime in on which signal conversion will take the least amount of space at the sensor end. The available space allows for a volume equal to a 9V battery. At the receiving end there is no space restriction and the type of monitor can be selected to best suit the incoming signal. The sensors are all galvanic oxygen sensors which means they do not need incoming power.

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