best supply house for price and selection?


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What is your country of origin?
For me in Canada, Digikey by far the better.
You have used both already, so I assume you would have enough info to evaluate them yourself?
They don't necessarily distribute the same stuff, unfortunately. e.g. NiM-h battery pack 3 x AA; Mouser doesn;t have them.

I still like that Mouser still has the catalog pages. I ordered on the 3rd and it was wherever I am on the 9th in 3 boxes. Some parts had to go ground.

I ordered some mechanical parts from Grainger and they were ordered on Friday and here on Monday. Mcmaster-Carr is superfast too.

Sometimes I go to Allied Electronics, Newark electronics or other strange places including China and ebay.

At home I stock LR44 and CR2032's and I buy them in bulk. With $20 order, no postage. If I want one and I don;t want to pay postage, I can order somewhere else and pick-up local and get it within a week. That place is pretty much next day with ground service.


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wow, tuff crowd here.
No one was being tough-- just honest. Distributor preference tends to be somewhat personal, based on various factors (price, delivery, selection, and so on) and their importance relative to one another. My own preference is for DigiKey, largely because of their huge selection and because I like their parts search facility; it seems to be designed with my mind in mind.

just thought there might be a source i didn't know about.
In addition to the suppliers that @KeepItSimpleStupid listed, there are several suppliers that are more oriented to the hobby market; chief among those are Jameco, Adafruit and Sparkfun. Their prices tend to be higher than those of the industrial suppliers, and the selection more limited.


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Limited inventory, but if you watch them and buy potentially useful parts when they appear you can build up a nice stock of parts over the years.

Reasonable shipping rates and for most types of parts minimum order is 1 unit.


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wow, tuff crowd here.
just thought there might be a source i didn't know about.
thanks anyway

But you did not ask about other sources. Your question was about if Mouser or Digiikey was better. Your original question is no different than asking where should I buy? Target or Walmart? Both places are going to treat you fairly and will have different choices of product at different prices at different times.

Both Digikey and Mouser are fine companies. If they weren't they would not be so successful.


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With Digikey, the delivery to Canada is always next day air for $8.00 regardless of total order, over a certain amount shipping is free.
I couldn't drive across the city for that price, even IF I could get it locally.


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FWIW, I'm looking to buy some CD4043 and CD4046. Jameco had lower prices than Digikey, Newark, and Mouser (for qty 100 each). But Jameco has a smaller selection...


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I tend to use Mouser but no disti is perfect. I use to search them all to find the best prices and availability.. It varies widely!

Some thoughts on various outfits:
  • Mouser relatively fast fulfillment/ship. Uses USPS first class for small packages which is actually really fast and fairly cheap. I like MyMouser as I can create BOMs and share with others. It's like one click to make a shopping cart become a saved BOM. I find their search functions to be better than DigiKey.
  • Sparkfun. I used to be a big fan but they have higher prices, slow fulfillment, expensive shipping and use a FedEx service that uses USPS parcel for the last leg which misses their already long time frame by a day about 2/3 of the time ("delivery by end of day" almost always means next day for me). I only use them when no one else has what I want. I also have to say that they increasingly try to be hip and cool but all that does is decrease the signal to noise ratio of the information I'm looking for. I suppose others find it entertaining.
  • ebay. Don't overlook this source. I've had good luck getting bits and pieces from ebay vendors. While it's somewhat risky - I think 1 in 5 transactions don't meet my expectations in some way - the price is right. I'm well ahead on the cost if I'd ordered from mainstream suppliers. Most vendors ship super fast (more than half my orders have been fulfilled on the same day). USPS first class delivery seems to be the standard and that tends to take 2-3 days.
  • Adafruit. I like them. They are like Sparkfun used to be. I like that the owner does regular videos to describe their products. They also contribute to open source a lot.
  • - These are the Teensy and Teensyduino folks. Paul is a huge contributor to Arduino software and is the probably the most innovative hardware designer out there. The teensy 3.x series gives by far the best bang for the buck. Buy it from them. Their website is a complete mess. Not open source hardware.
  • Jameco - I use them. They sometimes have good prices but as was mentioned, limited selection. Good for stocking up on bread-n-butter parts. Shipping costs and fulfillment could be better.