Best Software for circuit simulations??

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I need help in finding a software which can simulate the circuits easily and must have the ability to show if the components are exceeding their required or optimal ratings.


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You can use it to measure some parameters of the components, then compare them with the their datasheet specifications.


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You can measure the voltage across, the current through, and the power dissipated by a component, but it gives no warnings if any component limits are exceeded.
You must determine that yourself from the measurements.

There was a simulator called Analog Workbench that would give a warning if component limits were exceeded, but I think it's no longer available.
And I know of no other simulator that does that.

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One of the key aspects of any simulator, is to find the models for the components you plan to use.

In this respect, LTSpice is difficult to beat. Although in its original library it makes strong emphasis on Linear Tech/ Analog Devices components, there is a very strong user base which has developed hundreds of models for many components.


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Actually there the choice is not so wide.
1) LT-Spice = intuitively simple, free of cost, enormous accurate, BUT as more modern is component as more probable You will never get it`s model. Happy news - may use a P-Spice models, however then the accuracy degrades down to P-Spice level.
2) P-Spice - average accuracy, high cost at buy, exists many hacked cracks, very wide database of components
3) RF-Sim - exclusively for very high frequency modelling, free of charge, intuitively hardcore. Good for filters as well.
4) Gaussian module - exclusively for mass-geometry modelling in microwave technic. However there are good module for bjt biasing and/or thermal stability evaluation.

Yet exists a numerous other modelling softwares, but it stays a three shelves lower near bottom. No meaning to loss a time exploring em.