circuit softwares

  1. P

    Thermal Analysis of Schematic

    Hi, I want to do thermal analysis of a PCB Schematic and am searching for software to do it. Can anyone please suggest a software to do the thermal analysis. Thank you. Regards, Raj
  2. Luiz Fernando Vieira

    CADENCE is disabling functions alone

    Hello everyone, I am contracting problems, in CADENCE for some modification I do not know bug the same. I am it locks or closes alone, when I return the functions are disabled, the worst I have to do all over again, nor can I simulate again, see the images for better understanding. 1-the arrow...
  3. E

    Best Software for circuit simulations??

    Hello! I need help in finding a software which can simulate the circuits easily and must have the ability to show if the components are exceeding their required or optimal ratings. Thanks