Best architecture for simulation of automation robot

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I have to create a simulator for an automation robot whose communication module (a translator from an RF network to RS232 or Ethernet) is supplied by my business.

How can this be implemented in the best way? Do the GUI object representation (position in the "factory" grid, transmit/receive status, etc.) and the controller simulation (when does it move, where does it go, and what does it transmit/acknowledge) belong to separate classes or are they combined into one object?

Which of two objects should include a reference to the other? Should a "GUI representation" be included in the "business logic" component or the other way around? Exist any recognised patterns for this kind of issue?

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you need to be careful about your definitions...

what do you mean by simulator? what is the point in using hardware (communication module) if this is a simulation? are you sure this is not supposed to be sort of a monitor or supervisor?


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You are asking implementation details about a project we know nothing about except that it has to simulate an automation robot. That is not likely to produce anything useful.