Beginner want to create electronics for a Blaster Prop (Adafruit Audio FX Sound)

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Hello community

At first, sorry for my absolutely beginner questions ^^;;
I'm still very new in handling electronics etc. - Also my english is not the best (i'm from germany).

So i will try to explain what my questions are. I've already bought a Adafruit Audio FX with 2x2 Amp connection. I'm planning to build this board into a Blaster Prop to create sounds and flashing LED's.

So I'm aware how the Adafruit Board works, if i connect a circuit 0-10 with ground a sound stored on the board will be played. What i don't get directly are the following things:

With my current skills i've come this far with the circuit:

So here are my questions:
  1. i want 2 LED's permanent shining/lid up after there is power on the board (in the circuit the two leds above the board) - I think i need to connect it directly to the battery?
  2. when i connect 0 dircetly to GND without any button, can i simulate a "boot up" sound? So that everytime the board will be powered up, "Sound 0" will be played?
  3. when Button 1 will be pressed i want to light up the "LED bar (10 single LED's)" at the same time - Button 1 / Sound 1 is the Blaster Sound und the LED Bar should be my blaster fire
  4. which speaker would you suggest to use in a setup like this?
  5. what kind of battery/battery Power should i user for this circuit? I dont have so much space in the Blaster :/ (needs a 3 to 5.5VDC battery)
Many thanks in advance for all your time and help!

With kind regards