Battery Simulation circuit

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I am thinking to make battery simulator ( able to change current automatically ).

Reason is there is fuel gangue on board , I know I need to do some experiment but I don't where to start . I would really appreciate if you could help me with this.

test proceed

1. As soon as I connect battery simulated to fuel gauge show me percentage SOC ( Pre-defined current and voltage set by battery simulator ) imagaine 56%
2. Connect USB plug to unit and let it charge ( by charge I mean battery simulator drain current) and for 10-20 sec and read SOC again but this time shows 65% SOC
3. Stop charging battery simulator after 5 sec read SOC from fuel gauge and show 45%



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I don't see why. It's only one component. The more components there are in a device the greater is the overall probability of failure (if each component has the same individual probability of failure).