Basic distribution problem for a ripple voltage

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Hi guys
I'm trying to get started with some studying here. Trying to reactivate the mathematical functionality of my brain, which is not going well.
I put pen to paper and realised Omg my maths has died.
Therefore this is going to seem really stupid but I have this equation I'm reading

Vr = Vp [1-(1-td/Rc) = Vp td / Rc

Now I'm sure that all looks perfectly legitimate to you and I'm sure it is.
But I like to know how it works out that way... so I can learn/understand it.

So to break it down: -

Vp [1-(1-td/Rc)]
Distribute the minus

Vp [1(-1+td/rc)]

Distribute the 1 is just

Vp (-1+td/rc)

and the Vp

-Vp + Vp td / rc


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That actually does work out when I put numbers into it.... hmm

Opps never mind silly me... ahhh sigh....
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