Basic 240v (UK Mains) Parallel Circuit for garden lights

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Hi All,

Real basic level query here (i'm a newbie!).

I'm installing garden lights (link below with tech spec) - these are all individually mains-powered and have their own individual three-core cable attached.
Naturally I don't want 6 separate plugs (i.e one from each) so want to wire them all together to allow me to run just one plug and therefore only requiring the one outdoor socket - (I can then also use a wi-fi plug to remotely control them all together).

The question would be how to wire these correctly to ensure no reduction of voltage/power to each light and to ensure the circuit does not become overloaded?

My basic understanding leads me to a parallel circuit connection for all and then one output from the 6 lights.

Is this correct? If so, any advice on how to do this. If not, what is the best way?

Many thanks, in advance.


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Given your description, wiring the lights in parallel may be your solution. But depending on the remainder of your installation, may not be legal.

The 240V line to the lights, as well as the wiring between lights may be required to be buried in conduit. The US requires the supply be buried 18”.

You need to check local code for the specific requirement in the UK.


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hi bellal,
They are 6Watt lamps, so 6 units will draw 36Watts.
What is the length of cable as supplied.?
IMHO £30 each is over priced.


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It may be safer for you to look for 24V lights instead, and run them from a 240V to 24V transformer.
And use the correctly rated external garden light cable, designed to be buried. Ensure any joints are water tight.
I would not recommend you run 240V cables around your garden.