Baseboard Heater automation

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    I am a circuit neophyte, understand basic concepts but have never done a project. Am looking to automate my home heating which is electric baseboard. Am putting in a thermal mass wood heater so am aware that this heat source is not a great one but am not looking to install a different one with the wood heat project coming online next year. One zone is controlled by a programmable thermostat but with TOU power there aren't enough programs and the other zones are manual control. I'd like to be able to do it without spending a mint. I have an old android device I'd like to use as the controller. I'm thinking of simple wifi controlled relays good for up to 120v 15A coupled with wifi heat sensors in each room to turn the baseboards on and off in each zone separately. Most sources I see of plug-n-play wifi relays are somewhat expensive. I can solder, am a good woodworker, have machining experience so am good at following directions. i just don't know enough to whip this up on my own. Can someone help? Would need components and how to assemble instructions. Any assistance appreciated.
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    This is not really something you can just whip together, imho. Wifi temp sensors need to be programmed, your Android needs to be programmed, your relays have to be spec'd for fairly high current and installed according to electrical code. I think you may be better off buying a home control package ready made. Here are some Kickstarter examples. Others are out there.
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    How big is a house that is so big you can't walk over to the thermostat, but don't want to spend much?
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    Will the operating system allow it to stay awake without seeing frequent keyboard input?
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    There are a number of wifi-enabled Line Voltage thermostats available (honeywell, geo, and others). Cost is about $150, most come with a smart phone app. The honeywell unit is likely best if you have multiple zones. There you need a $150 base station and $99 per heater relay. The base station controls each relay in your house (if the original switches/thermostats were controlled individually.

    This will be your best deal to buy a setup, both in terms of cost and safety.