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it was required to design a band pass filter with some specifications so i used the chebyshev approximation till i reached the desired TF and started to implement it using diff stages from the op amps at last i got this response which is good but at the center frequency there is a 7db gain about 2.2 in magnitude that’s gonna make problems in the transient response so i wanted to get rid from these gain without affecting the band width of the filter (i have tried to add inverting op amp stage to get rid of this gain and it’s completely reduced but unfortunately affected the bandwidth )


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You know that, when cascading filter sections, you must take into account how the poles and zeros of each individual section interact with each other?
How did you arrive to the circuit configuration that you posted? Was it by a rigorous mathematical analysis, or is it by trial and error? How does your proposed circuit meet your "certain specifications"?

Lastly, the circuit diagram as presented, makes the eyes hurt. If you are only taking a screenshot, please zoom into the circuit to make it easy to read.