backup cam for car

Discussion in 'The Projects Forum' started by James McDaniel, Jul 28, 2015.

  1. James McDaniel

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    Jul 27, 2015
    have a camera to use as a reverse cam for car. i had it hooked up to power supply and it (the wire) started getting hot. it has a circuit imbedded to the wire and upon takeing it apart to see what was wrong a smd i belive fell off the pcb. i would like to replace it but cant find any info on it.
  2. GopherT

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    Nov 23, 2012
    So... Are you asking where to find info? Are you asking for the smd part number? Are you asking anything?
  3. Alec_t

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    Sep 17, 2013
    Welcome to AAC, James!
    If the wire started getting hot,
    1) it's the wrong wire to use,
    2) the camera is faulty and drawing too much current, or
    3) it's the wrong power supply for the camera.

    I'd resolve that before trying to find an unknown component to fix an unknown circuit in the cable.
  4. joe0886

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    Jul 27, 2015
    If possible I would return the camera to the place of purchase. If that's not possible contact the manufacturer and get the specs on the camera. They may be aware of a possible recall or issue.