auxilary,secondary inductance calculation


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I think it should be the square of the turns ratio of the winding that you are interested in with respect to times the inductance of the winding 5 - 3 (450 uH)
So for the aux winding it would be 450/(11^2) = 450/121 = 3.72 uH.

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You might be interested to know that there is an LTspice simulation model for this part. It is encrypted so no clues are available by looking at the subcircuit. It may however be useful to see if a simulation matches your intuition on how to apply the part.


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Hi all,
Can any one tell how to calculate the secondary and auxiliary inductance of the flyback transformer with part number 750811744.
(datasheet for reference).
NO, I am not able to give any help in this matter. BUT I do ask what the purpose of attempting to reverse engineer an obsolete product is.
The brilliant minds of some of the folks here are able to imagine alternative schemes to achieve many results.