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I like AAC for it's cleanliness, no ads, no BS, and I'm sure it's that way for a reason. I notice they subscribe to the Creative Commons lifestyle, and there is a lot to say to that, as far as user experience. Little ticks me off more than following a link from a 'trusted' site and having a bad experience, with the referring site loosing all credibility. I'm not saying any one site will give that bad experience, but association has big implications that are typically considered on a higher level than the 'usership'. I'm sure there are a few members would love to get thier referrals in for whatever reasons. Linking out to banned topics is no worse than a 'psst, hey bud, you know where get some...'.


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@GetDeviceInfo - I see your point now, and its a really good one. but I can't stop seeing my own point either. So I don't really know what to think.