Automotive Audio USB 3.5mm auto silence circuit

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    Jan 3, 2016
    Hey guys.

    New to the forum and love tinkering with electronics and circuitry but not very good with what does what. Looking for some help with an idea of mine.

    I am going to build a power/audio USB port for a car to go into a factory AUX connection on the back of the factory wiring but I am trying to do it a bit Factory looking
    I plan on having a USB type A with power in and audio out(to head unit) (most likely a dual USB panel mount such as MUSB-C111-30-ND or a single but I also want to have a Female 3.5mm input near by (like a lot of cars have today) but I want the USB to have priority. I know that I could most likely just Y them together and just not use both at the same time but I am worried of some mistake happening where someone puts a USB audio device on at the same time an AUX device is plugged in somehow putting too much power through the connections and possibly damaging the head unit's AUX level in? or causing speaker clipping or something through amp distortion (not really sure)

    So I was looking for some circuit I could build that would stop USB or AUX audio in when the other one gets plugged in preventing both devices from sending at the same time. Maybe make the 3.5mm priority?

    Any suggestions or thoughts would be great. I am plenty good with soldering and building things but not so good with the technical side. This will come later as I learn components better and have an internal database built up.


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    You do know that USB doesn't carry analogue audio?
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    Jan 3, 2016
    RIGHT! I would need a converter at that end as well prior to sending it into the analog setup. HMM. Good thought. That would have made a bit of an issue. I was thinking it was similar to the 30 pin where it has analog on it but that is stupid. That is why the 30 pin has so many extra pins.