Automatic Gain Control IC for Audio Application

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I'd like to build a circuit which takes a variable-level audio input (no DC bias), and outputs a relatively fixed-level audio signal.

Input: variable range, 0+/-1V to 0+/-12V (it's a radio output that a user can control the volume for)
Output: fixed, 0+/-6V

I'm trying to find the right IC to do this, and the right way to wire it up. I was looking at the TL026C, which is an automatic gain control amp, but I'm not sure if it's suitable for an audio application. Would this be an appropriate IC to use? If so, could anyone describe how the AGC and REF OUT pins work and the right way to wire them?



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That circuit is designed for RF signals but should work at audio frequencies, however it's maximum input is 200mV, which is lower than typical line level audio signals, so you may have to attenuate the signal to stay within that maximum.