Automatic Car Wash Spec Project - help needed please

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Afternoon all reaching out for some help please as im getting very little support from The Electrical Distributores Association other then a workbook which is very vague and general and a help line who tell me to "look in manufactures brochures". My colleagues are all to busy / no interest in helping the apprentice and my boss is never in latley, so a little lumbered and desperate for help

In short on the 2 attached files i need to specify the following for an automatic car wash and give my reasons why

3phase / 400v / 50HZ Supply

* Main Switch
*Distribution Board
* The PLC
* Emergency Stop
* Each of the two contactors
* Each of the three sensors

My workbook which ive been through and through gives me plenty detail how these work which is great but next to no guidance when spec'ing. Im going through a schneider brochure ive been given but struggling. I learn quicker by being shown how to do it, then it sticks as opposed to get on with it from literally zero knowledge lol its frustrating

If anyone can help with some pointers itll be greatly appreciated or if anyone fancies direct messaging me we can always come to a "arragement" to help me out shall we say which benefits us both

Thanks in advance for any help



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Personally, if I didn't feel qualified to spec the equipment, I'd look to suppliers that could pitch a solution. I'd bring in at least 3 to present their proposals, ideally all in one day, to you and your team (boss, etc.). You'll learn a hell of a lot and get a very good feel for the value of the different vendors.