Automated watering system

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Beltana Bunyip

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I was wondering if someone could help and guide me in a little project that I am working on.

I am making an automated watering system for my wife.

I can't seem to wrap my head around the 'C' script/code.

This is what I want to happen.

Using an LDR I wish to determine weather it is day or night. If it is night time, the program will wait 60 minutes and try again. This time if it is day time it will check the soil moisture. If the soil moisture is too wet, then it will wait 60 minutes and then restart the program. When the soil moisture is dry enough it flicks a relay that turns on a solidnoid and the water is turned on for 30 minutes. Then the software will restart.

Sounds complicated, but I have it all drawn up, it's just the 'C' I am having troubles with.

Could anyone please spend a little time for me and help out.
You can definately get that working on Raspberry PI , maybe you find Python easier? Also, ESP32 with Arduino IDE is also a good choise. If you are making this for your home, you can also make a some MQTT or bluetooth server and monitor data realtime if you use either ESP32 or bluetooth :)

Regarding to your code issue, I would just recommend you to start coding bit by bit and you will soon realize that it is not that complicated. First program the LDR part, make sure your readings are as expected, then try to control the relay and water pump or whatever you are planning to use..

Post your results/questions here and I might be able to assist you further