Audio Tone Control Circuit (ATC):

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    I copied this circuit from one of the AAC tutorial pages. Actually it's a test page. Unfortunately they give no values for the resistors and capacitors.

    Here's what I'm after: I have a pre-amplified audio source driving an op amp. The problem I've encountered is that my source is heavy on the base frequency and wanted to attenuate the base. At first I figured I would simply use a blocking capacitor (value to be determined by trial and error). However, while trying to learn a little more about the subject I stumbled across the image I've posted below.

    Keep in mind this is a pre-amplified audio source; I'm looking for ballpark resistor and capacitor values as well as the pots. I would really appreciate any pointers OR if you can help me figure out the values for myself. Teach a man to fish (as they say).

    audio tone control.png
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    (so to speak) + (as they say) = (so to say)

    My wife does this ALL the time. Her best: ream him over the coals...

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    @Blocco: Thank you. I'm going to give this a try this evening.

    @AnalogKid: For grammar correction, thank you I do. Thinking, I was not. Use the force, next time will I.
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    If you Google "baxandall tone control" there are plenty of circuits with component values.
    This design has been used for years in many audio amps and gives a good level of boost/cut for both treble and bass frequencies.
    Also look for audio high pass filter if you only want to roll off the bass.
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