Audio input, Brush recorder

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I have a device just like the one pictured below and would like to use it to graph audio. (I normally use software; this is a side project for fun.)

I am hoping someone can tell me what kind of connectors to use to send the signal from my audio equipment into the device's inputs.

Thank you, and apologies for what is surely a very elementary question!



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The sockets on the bottom are Banana plugs types, the socket on the top marked ( do not input voltage) is a 3/4 jack plug.
A sharper picture would be best.
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At any Frequency above maybe ~500hz, the resolution will be non-existent.
It's a mechanical device, and will have serious limitations regarding Sound.
The Paper-Speed will have to be super-fast for anything but "Sub-Bass" Frequencies.
This is not an Oscilloscope.