Audio and Video Transmitter

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Hi, I was wondering if people here can recommend me a Wireless Audio and Video transmitter circuit design for my mini school project. I can't find any design on the net. Thank you!


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Need a lot more information. What is the actual assignment? What level and type of course is this? There is a huge difference between a high school project and a master's thesis project?


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As @DickCappels’ question suggests, it matters where you are because regulatory agencies have different rules about frequency bands and power outputs and TV standards are different in different regions.

Aside from that, the move to digital TV from analog means that while before making you own circuit from components to transmit video was hard and now it is very hard. It is almost certainly beyond the scope of a “mini school project” because even on its own it will be a major undertaking.

Depending on the functionality you need from the transmitter, there may be alternatives. The first suggestion is to buy a premade module to incorporate into your project. This is probably the best direction.

If you are in the Phillipines it seems you don’t even have the possibility of building a TV transmitter. As far as I can work out (and this is my first investigation into NTC regulations) you can’t build any kind of transmitters without complicated permitting. The rules and penalties seem quite draconian, and I can’t even find a genuinely license free band in the regulations I find published online.

This being the case, my first impulse is to suggest using WiFi and transmitting the video and audio signals via a streaming protocol.

The appearance that there is no license free operation in general in the Phillipines has me very curious about the NTC and the state of the Amateur Radio Service there. (The rules I found seem to require a permit for every transmitter build and an associated fee)