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    A helium atom.


    This is a helium atom being pulsed with a femtosecond laser. A strobe. It is made by beating a femtosec(10E-15) pulse with a attosec(10E-18) pulse.

    No matter what science you study......modern science STILL says that atoms have a very small, dense, heavy(large mass) center with protons and neutrons, and orbiting electrons at certain distances called electron shells.

    These film frames show the electrons moving in and out due to an energy pulse. You have to look pretty close.

    Do you see any indication of orbit? Only a slight in and out movement and only when pulse is applied. All relative positions stay the same.

    Do you see a massive center? It’s an empty center.

    And there are no “electron shells”

    Also, notice the exact and firm symmetry. The 4 small reflections show the location of the 2 protons. There is a circular magnetic ring that goes thru the center of the protons and electrons, holding the atom together. Can you guess where the neutrons are? There are not “in” the ring.

    If you look at my icon, you will see the smallest piece of stable matter. Modern science calls this a hydrogen molecule. This structure is very similar to the helium atom. It is not to scale. In a actual atom, the electrons are about 350-400 times larger than the proton. And the particles are farther apart. The charge of the particles keeps them equal(area/ratio)-distant and the magnetic field lines ties(bonds) them together. The center is empty.

    Atoms do not have electron shells, they have nuclear shells.

    Shell #
    #1 1 circle of 2 electrons and 2 protons.
    #2 2 circles of 4 electrons and 4 protons each, 8 electrons and 8 protons total.
    #3 3 circles of 6 electrons and 6 protons each, 18 electrons and 18 protons total.
    #4 4 circles of 8 electrons and 8 protons each, 32 electrons and 18 protons total.
    #5 5 circles of 10 electrons and 10 protons each, 50 electrons and 50 protons total.

    So, the hydrogen molecule is also the first nuclear shell in many atoms. Also...the electrons and protons in the outer nuclear shell, can interact with other particles or other atoms’ outside nuclear shell. And with individual and/or common magnetic bonds. Not all atoms have shell #1 as the first shell.

    Take a close look at my icon again. The weakest part of the structure is the electron. The reason for this is its’ size. The magnetic field that holds the electron is large and weak at the electron site because of the large diameter. When an external electric or magnetic field hit the atom, the effect on the electron is much, much greater than the effect on the proton. The electron has a much greater surface area for the field to effect and a lot bigger diameter for the magnetic field to effect. This is why electrons do most of the moving in any medium.

    Now hold that thought. In certain energetic interactions(such as two H2 collisions)....the electron can be slid down the magnetic field fast and hard.....that it slips over top of the proton. When it gets right over the proton......the electric fields lock in a co-planner manner. With a proton on the inside and an electron on the out side. A neutron is born.

    What does a neutron do?

    To keep this conversation simple, we will assume the neutron charge is canceled out and has no effect on the other particles in the atom. Also...the original nuclear shell from wince the neutron was made is gone and the neutron is free. We now have a particle with no charge, but the magnetic power and magnetic intensity of a proton, the magnetic intensity of an electron, plus half the energy of the slide is magnetic. This highly magnetic particle will very quickly bond magnetically with the biggest magnetic target it can find, an electron. The likelihood of this electron to already be bound in a nuclear very high.

    Neutrons bind with electrons on the nuclear shell.........NOT the protons.

    As it turns out.....this is very lucky for us. For without this, there could be nothing but some gas in the universe.

    As I said the electron is the weak part of the nuclear structure because of large diameter area and therefore weak magnetic intensity. It can be dislodged rather easily. But if we could keep the same size and increase the magnetic intensity of the electron.......that binds with the magnetic circle.....then the nuclear shell becomes much, much stronger.

    If you draw a straight line between the electrons(icon) and call those edges the inside.......the neutron will occupy an area on the outside edge of the shell electron. The neutron will bind to the electron only, thru a small circle of high powered flux. This flux synchronizes with the nuclear flux that is inside the electron also.

    This is the MAIN purpose and function of a neutron. To keep a large relaxed electron in the nuclear structure. You can only find large, relaxed, ground state electrons in a DEEP nuclear shell. The neutron allows strong multi-particle shells, allowing bigger atoms.

    These electrons in the nuclear shell have to be kept at relatively large sizes, so that the proper distance ratios are maintained so that matter can form. The neutron allows the electron to do this. And the electron allows a magnetic bond between the proton and neutron.

    Neutron....the perfect way to bond(connect) multiple particles magnetically, without upsetting charge balance. This allows large nuclear shells and a variety of atoms.

    The neutron has energy states and sizes just as any other particle does. However a neutron will not last long outside of a nucleus. Some don’t last long inside a nucleus. A neutron is not a stable particle.

    This instability occurs because of un-equal charge area of proton and electron in the neutron.
    This causes a wobble in the co-planar pair. The time it takes for the wobble to get big enough to break the particle apart is what the half life is based on.

    The half life of a particle, or atom is VARIABLE. It is not constant. It’s environmental and gravitational.

    Just as the gravitational constant is VARIABLE. It is not constant.

    Mass and gravity are variable, not time and distance.

    Gravity does not come from mass. It comes from the electrical vibration of mass. This vibration is a static(connected particle) vibration, not an emission. However this vibration is not 100% efficient. A very, very small amount of this static field is radiated and lost. This is the cosmic microwave background radiation(CMB). Gravity is caused by the static vibration......not the CMB emission.
    It’s weak, it’s attractive and it’s electric in character. The strength of gravity is proportional to the number of vibrations in the neighborhood.

    This CMB is a energy loss of the vibration that causes gravity. Gravity is decaying. It will decay slowly from here on out. But in the past, it was very strong.

    You will notice that the F of the CMB centers around the F of a H2 molecule. That’s about 9X% of matter. The CMB is from the past but it is also being generated in real time. The CMB is not an even flux. It is a map of past and present matter.

    This decay rate of gravity was very, very fast in the past. This means that the decay rates of neutrons was much faster in the past. This means that age based on decay rates will have to be re-calculated.

    I had originally planed to post a few more photos of atoms to show connected shells and the physical mechanism for the weak nuclear and the strong nuclear forces. Also for the different chemical bonds.

    But as usual, I have to stop and explain the reasons for some of my statements.

    For someone who believes in modern science....this is a lot to discern.

    I will let this digest and see if anyone is interested.

    With 10E-25 sec pulses, we should be able to image a fat electron directly. At 10E-32 sec., we should be able to paint it like radar.

    Image source.
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    It is quite obvious you did not understand the experiment or its conditions. What you are saying is like looking at a published image of the solar corona: upload_2014-12-29_19-24-9.png

    And saying there is no sun.

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    You do realize a photon interacts with the electron, and nothing else, right? It is literally impossible to get a "picture" of anything on that scale, yet you are claiming details that can not exist. The best we can hope for is to make an electron jump states and re-emit a photon. In other words, glow. This is very basic science, and I do not consider myself a science guru in the slightest. Yet you go full bore with almost no evidence.

    We get "pictures" of atoms and their crystal lattice using tunneling electron microscopes by measuring the electric forces with a probe that goes to the nano scale, and extrapolating an image from that. It is fundamentally a nanoscopic mechanical process, any pictures are derived by data, though the detail resolved is impressive. A photon does not have the resolution at this scale to be useful.

    It is actually worse than that. A photon whose energy level is not "tuned" to a electron shell valence (and only the outer electron) will not interact with that electron.
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    This is a technology forum and you cannot expect to post incorrect statements without being shot down in flames.
    Many on this forum make their living from the resolution available to different imaging and other technologies, depending upon wavelength from a resolution no better than hundreds of kilometers with ELF, through acoutic imaging in the millimetric range, through visible light in the micrometric range, to electron and field ion microscopes in the nanometric range.

    Bill has it entirely correct
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    I don't think that I am the one that is misinterpreting the image.

    Modern science is so fearful of the basics.

    Does anyone know why we have the "quantum effect"?

    It's because of Planck's constant.

    Does anyone know where Planck's constant comes from and why it has the value that it does?

    Planck's constant is the amount of angular momentum in one rotation of a charge ring necessary to generate a magnetic field equal to the electric field.

    Each rotation always has this energy matter what the size of the ring or the speed of rotation. In order for the ring to be stable, the electric and magnetic must balance on every rotation.

    So only the RPM(frequency) of the particle controls the energy level of the ring.

    In a ground state particle, for every rotation around the ring......the charge also rotates once around the cross section of the ring. Two spins. The ring rotation is one Planck's pie(electric) and the cross section rotation is the other Planck's pie(magnetic). This one to one rotational ratio must be maintained. The two pies have to be equal for stability. Also...they have to be equal to be emitted(if emission is happening). These two pies make one cycle of a wave.

    A particle's energy can only be changed by increasing the number of cross sectional rotations. Because of the structure, this CROSS SECTIONAL RPM can only be changed in multiples of 1. You can not add a partial rotation, it has to be at least one or multiples of one. This is a physical, structural constant.

    Now when we add one magnetic rotation, that doubles the rotation and density of the magnetic field. We must have a corresponding doubling in the electric field. To do that we must double the charge ring rotation. Now the charge ring is already moving at the speed of light(and can not be changed) the only way to double the rotation rate of the ring is to half the circumference. When magnetic rotation changes in multiples of one, which causes a doubling of the magnetic rotation and also a doubling of the electric rotation. This is why particles get smaller in size with increased energy and why they think it gains mass(witch is just angular momentum). For any change in energy level, this size of a particle will increase or decrease at the very least by 2.

    Not all magnetic multiples of one, will work. Some circumferences will not accommodate Plank's constant and can not exist. This is why some energy levels are skipped.

    If you insist on a thing called a "photon", a photon is a cycle count at a certain frequency that will add one magnetic rotation. The cycle count and the frequency will change with the magnetic multiple number(energy level).

    As far as a photon will depend on your definition. This difference between a field and a particle is charge. A photon is a radio field. It has polarity, but no charge. is field only.

    You can not take two high energy photons and make an electron. To make an electron out of would have to add a proper charge seed........a neutrino(neutrinos have charge like a neutron has charge....later)..... If this would be rare. And I doubt that man would ever be able to do it.

    A radio wave is a waste product of a electron. Electrons poop all the time. Protons, no so much.

    This is because of IN and OUT. Electrons always want to spin OUT and relax, they want that original one to one rotation rate(only one magnetic rotation). A proton likes to spin IN, so they don't poop often.
    Constipation is the normal mode for protons.

    This chronic diarrhea of the electron is what enables vision. We can only see electron poop.

    That turd has a certain length.......a photon train length.

    The purpose of the turd is not to transfer energy to another particle or to give you vision, the only purpose is to relax the electron.

    "Photons", along with the environment can control and effect the energy level in the electron.

    But the POSITION and LOCATION of the electron is controlled by STATIC electric and magnetic fields, not photons. The location of electrons and protons can be mapped at any time. And those locations and arraignments are stable and stationary.....otherwise there would be no solid matter.

    When you take a atom and put it close to a charge source, all the electrons in the outer nuclear shell, will tilt and line up on that field. Especially if the outer shell in incomplete. You get the same effect with a magnetic field. No photon needed. The surrounding static fields of a particle set the environment(temperature) and determines when the electron poops and when the electron eats. You can force feed an electron, but if the environment isn't right, it will poop right away. This is caused by STATIC fields, not photons.

    The magnitude of all the static fields in a volume is the temp of that volume. This temp....or static field level, is what determines what energy level the particle needs to stay stable in that volume.

    If an electron was only effected by photons........we would have no matter....only particles. It takes a static field to couple or bind particles into matter.


    My evidence is the same as yours. It is very simple to use modern science evidence against modern science. Modern science disproves itself.

    To me, all this evidence re-enforces charge ring theory. It's a matter of interpretation, not evidence.

    The evidence proves charge ring theory. It shows how all the properties of a particle come into being and are maintained. It shows how all these properties work together to maintain stability. It accounts for all and predicts new energy levels. It shows and predicts the physical reason for Planck's constant.
    It shows that the nuclear weak and the nuclear strong force(and chemical reactions) is the electromagnetic force. Inertia is also electromagnetic.

    Charge ring theory also shows the cause of gravity. It also showed the correct path of gravity. This path is spiral, like the electron path. When you use these equations in the solar system.......all the planets and moons are in balance. And for the first time it predicts Bode's Law. This has the effect of sorta like gravity shells. This has long been a mystery. This also explains gravity on a cosmic scale without the need for another invention....dark matter.

    Charge ring theory explains how everything is related and why.

    Isn't this the purpose of science?

    Whenever you see a new experiment....look at the results and never read their conclusions.

    Apply results to a charge ring never fails.

    As soon as I saw that film.....I knew exactly what it one needs to explain it to me.

    Once you know the basics, you can explain phenomena to them. For they do not know.

    Modern science does not know what that film means.

    It will have to be engineers that get us off this quantum tit.

    Engineers have to work with reality(real cause and effect). Miniaturization is getting to the point where science will have to deal with real tangible structure.

    One can not make a device or a material made of point particles or probability areas.. This is reality and and a device or material has to be made of something.

    A charge ring is red meat for an engineer. An engineer can draw this structure.......this is important....for an engineer has to draw pictures.

    An engineer can understand a charge ring.....because of simple mechanical structure and properties.

    But most of all.......the device can be controlled and operated. After all....the purpose of engineering to to modify and control process or structure. We can control the energy level and size of matter. We can now modify material, which will allow us to further modify material. We will have special material generations(one built upon another) for feed stock.

    A gamma wave is a radio wave. I can image or radar paint any particle with the correct frequency.

    There is no law against this. I do not understand this objection. Don't make the 100 yr. old mistake that scale changes law.

    The magnetic rotation of the charge ring....causes the electric field lines on one side, top or bottom, not side, of the electron to flow into the center. And it cause the other side to have an outflow from the center. At the same time, with this ring spinning so causes half of the normal straight electric lines to twist and arc, causing circular field lines. At Planck's constant energy level.....half of the electric lines distort and become magnetic lines interwove evenly amongst the electric lines. Half of the energy is in the electric and half in the magnetic.
    This is because of these two spins. The two fields are in sync. STABLE PARTICLE.

    No one knows if there are field LINES. But the field force acts like it's many lines. I will continue to use lines until they fail or until disproven.

    It takes time to acknowledge the simplicity.
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    I am certain that Heisenberg would disagree
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    You can find the momentum and the position at any time. There is no uncertainty with a charge ring.
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    So LASERs and all the little innovation out there are wrong, and you have the truth of it? Current theory explains much, predicts much, and I trust it way over your version of science.

    Electron valances are pretty hard core, basic Chemistry 101. And chemistry is standing pretty tall in the sciences lately. It just so happens it links nicely to semiconductor theory, LASERs, and a dozen different other disciplines. Then there is nuclear science, we synthesize and reconfigure atoms pretty much on demand (at high energy cost), not to mention making antimatter from scratch.

    You would have us scrap something that works well for what? Don't think so.

    I accept there are a lot of people smarter than me, and I strongly suspect smarter than most everyone here (you included), and they are accomplishing real gains with existing theory, or tweaking theory to account for new evidence. No major rewrites have been needed.

    Electrons are not rings, they are particles. This has been established quite a while back.
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    From what I can make out, BR549's charge ring is merely the Rowland Ring in another guise.

    Professor Sears at MIT used it for many explanations, years ago.
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    I have seen the light, and it is poop! o_O