Assembling a robot arm with servos and brackets

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I’m trying to put together one of these but I’m trying to figure out what the other arm of U bracket connects to.

So one arm of the U bracket connects to the servo head or spindle. I’m guessing the other arm also connects to the bottom of the servo but how?



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You have 2 servos and 2 articulations. Attach the second U-bracket to whatever you want to . Notice that it is also drilled for attachment to another servo. How many degrees of freedom/movement do you want? It's your design.


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What you showed a picture of is basically a "hand". You then connect it to a elbow/forearm and then a shoulder/upper arm.


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That looks like there should be a bearing, and so that should be a shoulder screw, or possibly a whole bearing assembly, since that is aligned with the rotation axis of that servo module. It needs to allow the two brackets to move relative to each other. So at this point you really need some application information about that particulare servo module setup. Anything else is a guess.