Article is meaningless without diagram

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And his images of capacitor voltage ripple are...oversimplified. I'm not saying the article is perfect, only that proclaiming it to be "meaningless" says much more about the TS than about the article.

If you divide the universe of electrical engineering writing into two groups, those with mostly pictures and those with mostly equations, then, in round numbers, text books and IEEE papers are in one group and magazine articles, particularly hobby magazines, are in the other. This is consistent with the nature of the material - concepts rely on mathematical derivation and descriptions, while applications rely on project-specific details. I am absolutely not saying that there is anything wrong with this; just the opposite, I think this is the natural order of things and I appreciate both groups for what they are.

I have an MSEE degree from Stanford University and 50 years experience. I have written many articles including 8 in Circuit Cellar. I also have been an Electronic experimenter since I was in 8th grade. I know baloney when I see it . The Article is baloney because it is incomplete, and possibly erroneous because the IEEE article it supposedly quotes has nothing to do with a simple AC Rectifier Capacitor circuit that the only diagrams refer to.. As I have repeatedly asked for is clarification from the Author. Is the Author going respond or is this a post and run?

I also have coached people in Electrical Engineering, including my son, and I have some understanding about what it takes to help people understand Electronics. This article does not make the grade. You can't just draw two wires and call it a port and say anything about it. Good understanding requires the circuit diagrams and "oscillograms".

Talking down to people because they are "less experienced" is some stupid put down and reminds me of the Emperor's new clothes.

If you understand the article so well, then why don't you post the complete circuit, the oscillograms and calculations and explain it yourself?


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As I have repeatedly asked for is clarification from the Author. Is the Author going respond or is this a post and run?
How have you done so? There is a comment section at the end of the article that seems to be empty.

BTW, it's not the type of article that appeals to me; I don't understand most of the equations and find it too theoretical for my liking, but if you really want to know what the author has to say (if anything) ask him in a comment at the end of the article.