Art of Electronics -- 2nd versus 3rd?

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Hi all,

I am about to buy AoE, and I was wondering if there was any reason to prefer the 2nd to the 3rd edition (and no I can't buy both)?

I am most interested in controlling electric motors and sensors and robotics-y stuff. I also want to do everything with old school circuits at first, instead of micro controllers. I want my first real project to be a thing that opens a greenhouse window based on temperature running off a car battery.

I would appreciate any thoughts! Thanks!


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I have the 2ed ed. Much of the older edition is seriously out of date as it deals with specific microprocessors and other parts that have been superseded by newer, more relevant ones. If you can pick up a 2ed cheap somewhere the sections on how to approach electronics (the 'Art' part), that would be a good thing. Its still a very good resource for that.
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