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    Dec 3, 2009

    I looked around and was able to find a couple projects that by updating the FW on the Arduino UNO can make it act like a keyboard.

    I followed this project:

    I have no problem now pressing a button and having this work as a specific key. However, for some reason I cannot get the volume keys to work. From the HID usage charts this should be values of 128/129. I cannot get these to work. I can use the volume keys on my keyboard by pressing Function Up/Down arrow, but not by using my Arduino. I have no problems with doing any of the regular keys like letters, numbers, etc.

    Any idea what might be going on? There is an example specifically for volume on that link. If I change the 128 for volume up to 4 for the letter "a", everything works as expected. This seems to be limited to the volume controls for some reason.


    edit: sorry, I think I should have put this in the microcontrollers forum...