Arduino to PC Bridge

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Snap4Arduino is a visual software programming IDE where you can hook your PC to an Arduino board
via USB and interact with board, passing instructions to it, getting data from it, and displaying in a windows
environment. Cool stuff.

So here is a simple (dumb) application where the PWM is turned on, and its duty cycle changed by an
increment in a loop. Also the A/D is read out and its equivalent voltage calculated.

Then a tone is issued, followed by using the speech synthesis capability to output to PC speaker
the PWM value and A/D value. I had an application recently where I was across a room from instrumentation
and wanted values read to me while I adjusted another piece of gear. Recently instruments are being
"Bluetoothed", but my income stream cannot afford those, yet :)

Snap4Arduino can also display a graphical environment either moving a sprite or making up a graph of
data, latter I think takes some coding. Also speech recognition to control the Arduino......

All coding drag and drop blocks.

Coding is fun and visual - and addons on for speech/AI -



All you need is an Arduino board, a PC, and time. $5 or less gets you into the tool.

Regards, Dana.
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