Which h-bridge should I use to drive a dc motor 27v 3A from arduino

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Do you have suggestions about which h-bridge should I use to drive a DC motor 27v 3A using Arduino/PWM?

I did some research, and I could only found these two (affordable price):

This guy is very famous, but it supports only 2A max current. Moreover, I found I can use it in a parallel configuration to drive only one motor using a higher current, but I could not find anything about how to implement this configuration, and I also found it has a big voltage drop between vcc and its motor output jack, so it is not a reliable alternative.

This guy can support 30a max current, but only 16v max voltage.

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You can go to Digikey.com, search on "H Bridge", and set filter to
find parts bearing your specs. Then look at feature sets of the
individual parts found.

Regards, Dana.