Arduino project - using a motion sensor to trigger an update on a database system

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Hi to all fellow circuit enthusiasts.

I have read the guidelines on how to post questions on this forum and i respect them.
I have begun research into a project involving an arduino. I want to use a motion sensor module(PIR) in circuit with an arduino microcontroller such that when motion is detected the output is an update to a database that is managed by an already existing software.
2 questions:
1. what supporting components do i need with the motion sensor module in circuit and whats the reasoning behind them(im new to circuit building).
2. can anyone point me to reference material for the part of communicating from the circuit hardware to software? I've looked at various sites and im still drawing blanks with regards to this aspect of the project.



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1. PIR can be electrically interfaced to the Arduino.
2. Write Arduino sketch to read PIR and generate a 9600 baud N81Ascii Serial data stream when the reading changes.
3. As long as the USB cable runs between the Arduino and the PC, the PC can read the ASCII data through a what looks like a serial COM port.
4. Write PC software to read the port and do something with the data...
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I use these budget PIR's.
They work from 5V thru 20V, with an on board 3.3V regulator.
Output goes from 0V to ~3.3V when PIR senses movement.
The sensitivity and triggered On time can be adjusted, few seconds to approx 5 minutes.,160_

Product Description
Size Name:5 PCS
"The sensitivity and holding time can be adjusted.
Current drain:<65uA.
Detection distance:3--7M(can be adjusted).
Work temperature:-15 to +70 degrees.
Color:show as pictures.

Package include:
1 x HC-SR501 Human Sensor Module