Appropriate Thickness of Solder Wire for PCB Work

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Hello everyone,

I'm currently working on some PCB projects and was wondering about the ideal thickness of solder wire to use. I have both 1mm and 1.5mm diameter solder wire at hand, and both are of the 60% lead and 40% tin composition.

In your experience, are these considered thick for PCB work? I understand that the appropriate size may depend on the specifics of the task, but in general, what sizes do you find most versatile for PCB soldering?

Thank you in advance for your insights!


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It will be OK, provided that is flux-cored with an approprite flux, and you have a good soldering iron, with a "screwdriver" shaped tip rather than the one that is pointed like a dart that seems to come with cheap soldering irons.
I use 0.8mm for small components (resistors, ICs etc) and 1.3mm for large components (relays, connectors etc)
If you use thin solder for large components that need a lot of solder, you will end up with your board covered in flux.